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hit-and-run driver after the giants game. this is the scene from last night the little boy was walking ahead of his family crossing over mission, when a driver in a pickup truck hit him. witnesses say the driver did not stop and went on to hit three other people. they said the driver double back to look at what he had done and then took off on to the freeway the police have identified that suspect as andrew vargas he is now facing >> this was the scene when police caught up with andrew vargas they had to undergo a sobriety test and they tell us that he was twice the legal limit at the time and that was nearly one hour after the crash in san francisco. following his arrest, police said they had witnesses go to hayward to identify his car. >> then they called us, because we had given them a license plate numbers and
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witnesses to properly identify the vehicle as well as the suspect. >> he is not here at the san francisco county jail. we requested a jailhouse interview but was told that he could not because he was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. they say he was arrested on several charges including zero felony hit- and-run, driving under the influence and possession of all hot. they say there may be more charges to come. >> he did his several cars and in the cars out there were several people injured only to have to go to the hospital and the other to complain of pain, but they are still considered injured parties. your to >> i want to use the big board to show exactly what happened. witnesses said the nine year-old was in a crosswalk on mission street school. they said that he was walking a little bit ahead of his family member when the suspect him in the
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intersection. police say that the suspect was going the wrong way on new montgomery, this is a one- way street for a they say that he was making a left turn on to mission when he hit the boy. her only on kron4, the father of the young victim speaks of this ordeal. will tran reports from san francisco general. >> the father tells me there were in such a good mood, the phillies had just beat the giants and they were heading back to their hotel room, here is video that i got of the parents are around 5:30 a.m.. they came down to the lobby and said it has been a very long night it was touch and go. at that time their son ryan was still unconscious. for here is my interview with kim white. >> we were walking back from a giants game, back from our hotel we got to the intersection and crossed at the light. the car came screeching out of the street. it hit one car, and
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then careened over into the second car and that is where my son was. and then the car continued down the street. >> so he hit several cars before your son? >> no, he hit one car and then he hit from the second car and hit my son. >> was your son in the crosswalk ahead of you? >> i am not exactly sure, i believe he was alongside us. >> what went through your mind at that point? >> i when my son to be all right that is all i cared about at the time. >> what is the latest update on your son? >> it has been an up and down night, they would do more test and it will be awhile before we know. >> of a teenager is recovering after being shot in oakland, it happened yesterday in the 1200 block 39 avenue no word yet on the suspects, the victim is
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expected to live, meantime, juvenile's connected to violent crimes in oakland they say that may be the root to impose a curfew on teenagers. we went to oakland today to talk with city leaders about the idea. >> they say it is a touchy subject for leaders at oakland city hall. in fact i cannot find one city council person available to discuss. however, the mayor spokesperson says that the mayor does not support the curfew idea was says however, the mayor may be open to some loitering enforcement to get teenagers off the streets during certain hours. oakland police chiefs who floated the idea to the police a while back as an option that may reduce crime after reviewing juvenile crime statistics like these from last year. from shootings, burglaries and auto thefts, from march 1st to may 31,
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155 juvenile were arrested and 283 were considered suspect. that is a total of 438 juvenile in the summer months, that number increased from june to august 139 juveniles were arrested and 480 considered suspects. that is a 41% increase in during summer vacation from school. but city hall says at this time there is nothing on the table when it comes to any kind of curfew for the city oakland. >> by the way, the curfew is 10:00 p.m. for 15 year- old in san jose and san francisco kids 14 years old and younger cannot be out between midnight and 5:00 a.m.. >> now to the uncertainty in the markets, it was another wild day on wall street. as you can see the dow jones finished slightly up, 61 points from yesterday's plunge. the
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nasdaq was not as lucky, it finished down again, 24 points to end the day just above 2500. a lot of people all over the world or who to this today. the dow closed at 11,444 almost up 61 points from yesterday. overall, the news is good and it was way better today than yesterday's historic 512 point drop. but the ride was a wild one. take a look, when the trading started today it shot up to 171 points thanks largely to a better than expected jobs report. but just 10 minutes later it fell to 243 points you can credit that to concerns about the european economy. by noon, it was down well below the 11,200 marks not good news at all, but the afternoon rally saved the day. it is just the second time in the past
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11 days of trading that we saw the dow actually game points how about that? now we show you what the latest roller-coaster day means for investors. >> it is the most volatile time since the financial crisis it is right after leaving collapsed in the fall of 2008. investors are not really sure what is happening. i think that the market is starting to price in a recession. >> he says the ride is just another example to show that the stock market is not a crossroads. >> is is a crazy tug-of-war between investors that believe the market has a lot longer to fall and other investors that believe after nine or 10 day decline is a buying opportunity. >> the stock market has come down almost 9 percent in the last 10 days for those that believe it will not come down any farther, some stocks are looking more appealing.
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>> financial stocks have been crushed, energy stocks, the oil companies have been crushed. so if you were bullish on oil companies and financial stocks, you want to dip your toe in there and get in but the bear is out there. and they think the companies will collapse and will go into a worldwide recession. but you are taking a chance and certainly there are people out there buying. >> despite the drop on wall street, the new jobs report is a little bit better than expected. how you are looking at the numbers here. >> president obama talked about the economy earlier today. as >> of this marks the 17th month in a row of jobs
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growth in the private sector. to her, the land of the nearly two and a half million new private-sector jobs in all. whether we have to create more jobs in that each month will make up for the 8 million jobs that the recession claimed. we need to create a self sustaining cycle where people are spending and companies are hiring and our economy is growing. >> new as 16 we will have a new look at the job outlook in the bay area. >> the people here say that trends indicate that we are coming out of the recession and there is a steady stream of hiring in all sectors. they also say that for the first time compared to last year, companies are replacing people that leave, or go on maternity leave or even go on vacation and they say that is also a good sign. i will have more on this story coming up tonight on kron4 news at 6:00 p.m.. [music]
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>> the bay bridge toll plaza has a completely different picture. we have sunny skies which means more temperatures through the bay area. temperatures are much warmer in the inland valleys. 88 in livermore, 86 concord. '60s and '70s for the bayshores. 78 in san jose. it is pretty profound in places like livermore. as we head into tomorrow, we will see very similar conditions and coastal fog this evening. into the afternoon tomorrow, temperatures will cool down a couple of degrees. i will have more on the fog the cool forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> relying on the government to eat, the surprising new report about food stamps and americans. caught on tape, a police officer nearly dies in a
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crash, the surprising reaction from officer and what he did next. >> 3d is coming to smart phones, this is the highly anticipated l g thrill this is a 3d smart phone. i have my hands on one and i will give you a sneak peak that is coming up and my tech report. okay, kids, we can record one more show.
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>> the big talk this week has been the economy, the debt ceiling, and job loss. a lot of americans are wondering what it means for them. >> it has been a roller- coaster week of ups and downs for americans. >> we are going to get through this, things will get better and we will get there together. >> but the bickering in congress has america questioning the country's leadership. according to a poll, the majority are dissatisfied with the way
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that the government is doing its job. >> it seems like they're having a debate far above the heads of everyone that it affects. >> and i think they need to put their country's interests ahead of party interests. >> the country was left wondering if congress would get it together in time or face the fault and soaring interest rates. add to that cuts to military budget to education and other discretionary spending yet to come. >> people have to be wise but also have to be aggressive in order to secure our future for our children. >> even with the recent jobs report, unemployment is still the highest it has been in years, and it is still a volatile stock market and for many, the future is still uncertain. >> i think we're having tough times now, but being americans, we always pulled through. >> many americans are holding on to their pennies and bracing for what comes next. >> more americans are
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relying on food stamps to get by, there is a new report that says the numbers shot up in may. here they are. >> the faa operating authority has been restored at least until next month, senate democrats gave way to republicans in order to end the partial two week shutdown. president obama signed into law hours later meaning nearly 4000 furloughed as a a employees can return to work as early as monday meantime the irs says that the people that flew during the past couple of weeks when the shutdown was happening are not eligible for ticket tax refunds. a florida judge says that he needs more time to figure out if casey anthony should serve a one- year probation in orlando. there was a hearing today but anthony did not have to
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attend. last month, she was acquitted of the murder of her two year-old daughter. anthony's attorneys argued that she already served probation and they claim that having her return to florida for a supervised probation would put her life at risk. >> not a lot of changes as we head into the weekend, dense fog and drizzle expected again to our morning but breezy afternoon with the wind gust picking up back into the '20s for most of the bay area. temperatures will cool down a little bit for the bayshores in the inland valleys. sunday we will not see much change, a look at the fog tracker for tomorrow morning, widespread into the early morning hours north bay, south bay, the delta, in an valleys it will scale back a little slower than what we saw today. in a am still hovering over oakland in most of the north bay. that is why
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temperatures will be a little cooler out there tomorrow. the fog will linger around a little longer. now these are the temperatures for the south bay. up in the inland valleys, a few degrees cooler but still in the '80s. '60s and '70s for these bayshores, 75 fremont, 70 hayward. 67 oakland. '60s and '70s for the peninsula. and let's get that, a couple of drops of rain. we will see the drizzle again tomorrow morning along the coast and of the north bay, the temperatures in the '70s for the most part. allocate your kron4 seven day around the bay forecast. cool foggy and drizzling whether stick with us through the weekend and into monday. take a look at tuesday, warming up a little bit as the fog skills back and we will continue with mild weather through
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the rest of next week. >> i'm kimberlee sakamoto with today's edition of take a look at this. the british pop being hailed as a super cop, he got up and chased the suspect we will watch a wartime you can see the stolen bmw hits the car just by flying into the air and then moments later he got up, chased down the driver and yes he got the man, he stopped him with a taser. take a look at the tornado that ripped through joplin missouri back in may like you have never seen before, the surveillance video shows the destruction of the city's high school. the tornado killed 160 people and damaged thousands of businesses and homes. three months later the town is still cleaning up. now take a look at this. >> three, two, one ignition and liftoff. >> and that was the $1
5:20 pm
billion juno launching off in cape canaveral fla. they say this will help give scientists a never seen before look behind jupiter's clouds and it will help the space agency learn how the solar system formed. we will have to wait for that information because it is not expected to reach jupiter until 2016. take a look at the proposal call on live television. a reporter was doing a story on aware of that man in the background a parent pop the question we saw him nervously at walking around dropping to one knee and proposed, and he did say yes. take a look at the box of breath mints that have been banned, they pull this after a state representative who visited the bookstore and told them that he found them offensive. >> this is the golden gate on this afternoon, traffic is moving just fine in both directions. stay with us,
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more news after the break. ñçç". sis, help me create my oasis. ok, romantic garden? oh, is there a castle nearby? no, but there's a charming farmhouse. right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. get your annual ikea catalog today.
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>> sacramento county health officials say that the one person that died was a 65 year-old woman from northern california. they're not releasing her name or when she died but she was one of six known victims of the illness. earlier this week 36 million lbs. of brown turkey were recalled, the meat has been linked to that one death and an least 77 illnesses. nv
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>> the dryness try to keep hold of their first-place position. not a registered sex offender is under arrest. what police say that he tried to do to a young mother. another bear attack, this time in norway involving a polar bear that is just ahead. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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>> now at 5:30 p.m. the growing rivalry between the san francisco giants and the phillies. the giants are trying to keep a hold on their first-place ranking. we're joined outside of at&t park. her >> of tonight's game is the second in a four game series in san francisco this is a rematch of last year's championships that is when the science till the phillies hopes of winning a championship last year by knocking them off of the playoffs. not everyone talks about the dodgers and giants privately it doesn't the dodgers are not doing too hot and the giants are, two of the top teams to be in the national league now everyone is talking about eight giants and phillies a rivalry. >> i think the giants have got lucky in the last couple of years, they're kind of stepping it up, we will take
5:31 pm
that as a rivalry. >> i flew in from japan this morning just to see this game. my boss is a phillies fan i may die hard to a giants fan. i am hoping that if it will irritate my boss, but the giants i want them to win. >> we have chowder, they have cheese steaks. both teams made a big trades and philly brought in and outfielder only after the giants and brought in carlos her go figure. i am aubrey aquino with kron4 news. >> this is into the newsroom, we have been closely following the markets all week is more bad news for the economy, credit rating agency s&p has downgraded the u.s. debt from aaa. we have been hearing about the triple a rating for a long time. this is the first debt downgraded american history and it comes at the end of the week that has seen the worst week on wall street since the
5:32 pm
2008 financial meltdown. more bad news, we will continue to keep posted. >> a man called 911 shortly after 2:30 a.m., he said he had just killed his girlfriend at their san jose apartment police found a body of a 34 year-old woman they say that she had been stabbed, the 48 year-old boy from was arrested at the scene, neighbors say that the couple was are often be heard arguing. rebecca claim lives two doors down she said she heard a woman pleading for her life. >> my dog started barking i walked up to the apartment and i could hear her screaming. she said no eddie, and it was pretty brutal. the screams were very loud. then i saw a police officer running up scores and he said where is the key building? i said is right around the corner here. and he just took off running and the next thing i heard was a kid down--and
5:33 pm
the next thing i heard was to get down on the ground. had the impression when i walked out i could hear it is really heavy breathing and i do not know he was around the area for a minute i thought he was in my bushes because my dog went crazy. but he was pacing like back-and-forth and back-and-forth before they even got him down on the ground. i don't even think he knew what happened. i mean he look distraught. >> police are not releasing the names of the suspect in the victim yet. this was the city's 29 homicide this year the spatting happen in the same apartment complex where a nine year-old boy helped save a three year-old girl and her grandfather from drowning in a pool. that was on monday. in other bay area news a woman in napa county was able to fight off a would-be kidnapper yesterday. they said that 63 year-old paul webster try to force the woman that was pushing a
5:34 pm
baby in a stroller into his car. but he was arrested yesterday in concord, for we talked with webster's neighbors, they said that he displayed odd and disturbing behavior. >> paul webster is a registered sex offender and has lived here for several years. his neighbors were talking on the porch about his odd behavior and his neighbor that did not want to give her name talked about the first time that she noticed that something was a weird. >> rest there was a girl that work in here, and he came out of the unit one night as she crossed over here to go help the woman and he came out of the house and talk to her. my husband came out and asked if everything was ok and she said yes. when she went back he went out the other side and grabbed her. >> the neighbors say that was not wrong. >> i was sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette he was walking down the street with only a t-shirt on, i
5:35 pm
call the managers but i should call the police. >> that was last year, the neighbors said that what was aggressive with the women on the block. >> he tried to approach all single women in this part, in this cul-de-sac. >> one big concern has been about his kids. >> and he has two daughters about eight years ago or nine years old. >> and they come and visit without his ex-wife. >> he is being held in a napa county jail without bail. >> three men have been arrested in a prescription drug bust. the gilroy police say that he had about five learned illegal kills, heroin, stolen prescription pads, these are the mug shots, they say that they ran into the man while responding to a call. they say the man appeared to be intoxicated they had prescription receipts in different names. investigators got to search warrants and that led to the drug discovery. investigators are looking
5:36 pm
for answers after finding a body burning in a car. the marin county sheriff's deputies say that the car was discovered and engulfed in flames. one person was in the car, the cause of death has not been determined and no arrests have been made. chevron is paying a fine of $170,000 to the bay area air quality management district. that is for air quality violations over a five-year period at the richmond refinery. they improperly monitored certain gases and the violations were reported. the company claims that it fixed the problem as soon as it was discovered. >> a live look outside this afternoon at the fog rolling in over the hills into san francisco. the will be shortly rolling in into the bayshores. a look at the satellite pictures, see the fog up and down rolling into san francisco but not over oakland and hayward at this hour yesterday we saw a foggy conditions in the bayshores. the fact that we
5:37 pm
still have the sunshine today really helped to warm up the temperatures. ticket to the temperatures around the bay area, 88 livermore, 86 concord. much warmer and those locations. 67 oakland, 78 san jose to 81 los gatos. to to stop anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees from yesterday. if you're headed out to a giants game, we will see increasing fog and the winds will pick up. it will get chilly as this game progresses. >> 3d is coming to smart phones, this is the highly anticipated and droid smart phone that is coming out on the market soon. i have my men wanted to give you a cent. and once more >> 3d will be a standard feature on smart phones in
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>> most of chile's 33 miners joined in an anniversary celebration today, the president of chile to join in. they were marking the fact that it was one year ago when a mine cave in. you are looking at the ceremony, they were pulled out alive 69 days after the ordeal began. some of the miners are suing the government because of the dangers mining conditions. this u.s. soldier pleaded guilty to killing afghan civilians. hear him and five other soldiers are accused of forming a kill squad that murder civilians and then covered it up. and he pled guilty to manslaughter at right court hearing today.
5:44 pm
the libyan government denied that moammar gadhafi on this sun, there is a folk has been killed in a nato air strike. he was reportedly among 33 troops killed in an air strike today nato is not confirming that this 27 year old is a major commander in his father's military forces. this could be a blow to government efforts to crush rebels. protesters have been marching across syria by thousands. how you see the government tanks, they are calling for the syrian president to step down. her security forces have been firing at crowds and again, the military is a big presence. not least 10 people have been killed. the un security council has condemned the attacks. a school trip to norway turned into a nightmare for a group from britain. . looking at
5:45 pm
the bear, a killed one of the teenagers, a 17 year- old and badly injured four others. the group had been camping at a glacier when this happened someone grabbed a gun and eventually managed to kill the animal the injured were taken by helicopter to the hospital. >> we will continue with below average temperatures into the weekend and into early next week. tomorrow, 82 degrees in concord, 10 degrees below where we should be in livermore. just three degrees below average in hayward and the same for san francisco. first, ticket the fog tracker for tomorrow morning. the fog once again will return bay area wide. up through the north bay and east bayshores. edging down through the south bay this will move back a little slower tomorrow morning as well. still hovering over oakland and san raphael. but finally, by noon pushing back to san francisco is
5:46 pm
still looks as though it wants to edge into open in the later afternoon hours. we may see patchy fog for these bayshores. coast side, the to to to stay cooler, temperatures throughout the bay area tomorrow morning pre mouse in the upper 50s will warm up a little slower out there tomorrow because the fog again is slow to tailback. 75 in fairfield, 75 livermore and san jose. into the 3:00 hour warming into the 80's in fairfield, we will see more 80's for the inland valleys and parts of the south bay. take a look, to purchase at 78 degrees tomorrow at san jose, 86 and morgan hill. cooling down in livermore, '70s for the most part for the bayshores. up into the north bay, temperatures mainly into the '70s. 82 concord, 82 fairfield 65 san francisco milacron 47 there around the forecast. fog the cool weather will stay with us through the weekend so will
5:47 pm
the drizzle close to the coastline. we will see this saturday and sunday and likely on monday. temperatures on tuesday normal to almost 90 degrees in the inland valleys and upper '70's for the bayshores. we will keep it mainly in the mid to upper 80s and brother rest of next week. >> here is stanley roberts that sounds of people behaving badly. >> this woman is that a ticket for being on her cellphone. in six hours, they cited 46 drivers from being on cellphone like the one of his pickup truck. >> guess what we saw when your stopped making a left turn. >> the car next to me called me. >> adrian?
5:48 pm
>> a stanley, you remember me. >> yes i do and now i will remind all of the viewers just to adrian is. he was in a previous people behaving badly segment it was about drivers leaving too much space between cars and he made this comment. >> i think it is a little bit too much multitasking. >> this is funny because here is adrian texting behind the wheel while sitting at the like. the irony. >> this driver got cited for being on her cellphone earlier. here i guess old habits are hard to how this man has a phone up to his mouth while at the like. >> when the light turns green make a right turn please. >> he denied ever talking on the phone, but was issued a ticket. now this woman is doing what i call the hand of god, that is because she is texting on her blackberry
5:49 pm
but she was given a unique warning if you want to call it that. >> to me a favor, hold up your right hand and say i promise not to ever do this again. all right, have a safe afternoon. >> and all, 57 tickets were issued from everything from cellphone to seat belts. in 16 other drivers were let off with a warning. i am stanley roberts with kron4 news. >> kron4 is teaming up with stubhub to give away to a vip packages. what does this include? it includes tickets to all three days. you can see bands like fish, grilled talk, dozens more are planned. the vip passes will give you access to the lounge and, you will have access to the ip food concessions and special facilities no long lines for
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the bathroom for you. are very important, you have to like kron4 on facebook. a visit our facebook fan page to win your chance to win vip tickets. stay with us, more news after the break. ñçç".
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>> the economy is in rough shape, so let me tell you about some incredible deals going on this weekend only. harper phone itself. on you and get a new iphone for for as low as $5 cleared it at&t is selling some high end of winter light varies an android smart phone for only 15. this board is now this is a big deal, smart phone always been $2, or more with really any significant discounts. the bills on this
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week and only, and kron4 news and 8:00 p.m. i will show you how to get these deals. i am gabe slate with kron4 news.
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>> security is beefed up at at&t park after a nine year old is hit by a drunk driver. we will talk with the father on kron4. >> a new video shows a deadly tornado tearing a high school to shreds. and what oakland police are pushing for a teen curfew. your >> a live look outside their core downtown san francisco, the fog is starting to approach i will have details come up in the news at 6:00 p.m. is next. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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but >> that dropped, the dow jones in
6:00 pm
>> i support it, if a lot of help me i am [music] kron greene just moments ago, credit rating agencies view of downgraded the u.s. and debt from triple a, down to what they call double a- plus. we told you about this a few moments ago. the dow closed today at 11,004 on june 44 up almost 61 points from yesterday. today out of
6:01 pm
wall street, the news is good relatively speaking but if you look at the week, it is the worst week since 2008, which started this recession. this week started pretty good. we had monday, the dow was up above 12,000 to 50, but added go down. by tuesday, it had dipped below 12,000 and wednesday it was kind of up and down, on thursday, yesterday was the worst day on wall street since 2008. the dow was down 512 points at a massive fears fuelled sell-off. today, once again it was up and down to say the least. this is the most volatile market and as michelle reports of there's a lot of risk, but dynamite deals. >> it has been a wild ride for the stock market this week, many stocks have gone down but experts say that stocks in the technology sector have held their own. >> if you are talking
6:02 pm
about will, you are talking about a stock that is over 5 $1, close to $600 per share. >> he explained that some of the top stocks in the technology sector where apple and google. even in the midst of such a turbulent day, the two stocks did not budge that much. here are the numbers, friday morning apple opened at about $380 it closed around $373. google opened around $582 and then close around $579. if you are looking for a more affordable option, the experts suggest linkedin. >> despite some somewhat positive job news that we got this morning dan kerman tells us that there are still a lot of unemployed people that are struggling to find work.
6:03 pm
>> at the state unemployment office in sunnyvale, they see about 200 to 300 job seekers each day. >> i have been out of work for a little over three years now. >> i am an electrician and not finding a lot out there right now it is tough to get a job. >> this is the equipment support engineer transitioning over to i t. >> everyone's about two to five years' experience and i did not have that but i do have the knowledge it--and i'm just looking for someone to give me a chance. >> on dreamworks and customer service. >> i have been looking for about two years and i think it does have to stay positive. >> those that run the center say that hiring is on the increase as an example at this center, they have a group of job seekers looking for technology jobs. they say within the last four months, 90 of them have
6:04 pm
found work which they say is definitely an increase over the same period last year. the hiring search... >> our clients are definitely talking about future and current hiring needs, adding to staff, a lot of the positions that we talked to our clients about our new positions that are being added. >> they say that job openings to include anything from financial analyst, accountants, well designers, developers, administrative assistants, and service reps. they want to remind people that every opportunity even if it is a temporary job isn't all edition. they say often times they find it leading to full time employment. >> more americans are relying on food stamps to get by, and they said the numbers shot to an all-time high in may. about one in
6:05 pm
seven americans rely on the program to eat that is about 45 million people. it is also an increase from two years ago. a night out at the giants' game turns tragic for a young boy and his parents who the police say were drunk. and now he is fighting for his life in a hospital. i will use the board to show you how this all went down ryan and his family in town watching the giants and phillies game at at&t park last night. this is where the accident happened. i will fly you in for a closer look. this nine year old was walking in the crosswalk at new montgomery and mission, he was walking a little ahead of his family cars will the new montgomery is a one-way street going that way. the
6:06 pm
suspect was going the wrong way and hit the little boy at this intersection he obviously has serious injuries. he is now on the hospital i have some video of the scene that i can launch and show how severe the damage was to cars. pulled pork they said the suspect also hit three other people look at the damage, you can see the debris on the street. the cars were pretty badly hurt. this is the suspect turned around after hitting the child to see what happened and then got on the freeway. that is the suspect fraud, the police arrested him about one hour later in hayward. did you can see the suspect and they say that his blood alcohol and it was more than double. they say he is 21 year-old andrew vargas book on suspicion of felony hit and run and do you live. we talk with the police and are live at the tonight's at giants phillies game. >> at&t park a great place to be tonight both sides
6:07 pm
each rooting for their team everyone having fun in drinking and all of that, but people need to keep in mind that is very much a family atmosphere and there are a lot of children at the game. >> hopefully we can all learn from this these things do happen, it may not have been intended for him to drink and drive, but again you do not need to do this. there are other ways to do it. do not drink and drive. have a designated driver, there is plenty of public transportation. it is cheaper to take public transportation or a taxi cab it is not worth going to jail because you want to have a few alcohol and drinks and go home. just take public transportation, a designated driver look out for everyone around you. and the public, look out for the people that may be walking, driving a bicycle, a car, it is really important have to look out for each other.
6:08 pm
there is only a few police but a lot of public. if you see someone that you believe is drunk driving right down and not--right down their license plate and out 911. >> of always keep in mind that there are children at the game too. live at at&t park with kron4 news. >> we spoke with the parents of the little boy that was hit their reaction is something that you will only see on kron4. >> this is an up and down night. they are going to do more test and it will be awhile before we know. it has been very difficult. >> and 50 a year old woman was also injured but not seriously. the teenager is recovering tonight after being shot in oakland. it happened yesterday in the 1200 block 39th avenue, no word yet on any suspects.
6:09 pm
the victim is expected to live. but there is controversy idea to impose a curfew on teams in oakland. >> i do not support it, of eyes and have nothing against cutting down on violence i just do not supported. >> i am tired of seeing the use of being out here instead of in a community center i am tired of them being out there running around and talking crazy with guns and stuff like that. >> i do not think that will be a good idea of a think it will be better to give the youth of the message that they are good people and if they want to do something outside after 10:00 p.m. i think that they should be encouraged to do that, something social, a lot of wonderful things can happen after 10:00 p.m. at night. and >> i am actually for that because someone make sure my son says he is going to that skating rink right there in the movie theaters that is where he at because of the law can help me i am with you because i do not want to see him becoming a victim of oakland.
6:10 pm
>> right now, is this a good time for the police to have one more task, or responsibility sent our police force has been cut back, so is a double edged sword. >> of the three biggest cities in the bay area san francisco, san jose and oakland oakland is the only city without a juvenile curfew. the police have arrested three men as for the theft of prescription drugs and prescription pads. officers found about 500 pills, heroin, they're looking at the three suspects. they are all in custody right now, the police say they appeared to be intoxicated when they pick them up, they say they found them with receipts for drugs but with other people's names. now police have released this sketch in the hunt for a would-be kidnapper. they say that there have been to attempted kidnapping in the last 10 days. this is a sketch of
6:11 pm
the suspect in the first incident the police say that a man tried to abduct a teen year-old girl. when they say the man after an 11 year old boy, 15 year-old girl and a nine year old girl. no suspects yet, but the police are asking anyone with information to call them. the chevron is paying a fine of $179,000 to the bay area quality management district. it is for air quality violations over a five-year period this was at the richmond refinery, they were accused of improperly monitoring certain gases. the company claims that it fixed the problem as soon as it was discovered. >> a live to our extended forecast, foggy and cool weather will stick with a screw the weekend. i will have details on your we can forecast coming up. @p@po'
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
police in mountain view are predicting a quick thinking teenager. rob fladeboe tells us the teenager fooled the armed robbers into thinking that his be begun was the real thing. >> a bizarre chain of events eat occurred here. they said the boy's father was arriving home from work and about to enter the apartment he was surprised from behind by a trio of suspect one could a gun to the man's head and forced their way into his apartment. >> his son fearing for his bad safety started to get up to try and help, but the suspect pointed the gun at the sun. that point the son's friend who happen to have a bb gun in his hands stood up and pointed that the suspect in the vicinity was the round in the chamber and there had been an additional two suspects in all three of the ran off at that point. they saw this 15 year old young man had will probably look to be
6:16 pm
a realistic guns that they thought he had perhaps pointed a loaded gun at them. >> the suspects were able to leave a search for them in spite of the use of search dogs. police say that it is never wise to confront an armed assailants. >> a couple of live looks outside this afternoon. still seeing sunny skies here when yesterday at this time we were full of fog. and other live look that you can see from the mount tancam. we see the fog along the coastline, but it has not yet made its way into the bayshores this afternoon. it has been fog heat for the coast. it will return for the bayshores overnight. temperatures are warmer because the fog cleared up so much quicker than what we saw yesterday. take a look at temperatures around the bay area right now, in the 80's in the inland valleys. 84
6:17 pm
livermore, 85 concord more than what we saw yesterday, '60s and '70s for the bayshores. cooler close to the coastline. 59 at half moon bay, 76 in san jose and 81 in los gatos. here's what to expect tonight into tomorrow, this will continue this evening, the dense fog and drizzle for the bayshores and areas close to the coastline, into the afternoon the winds will pick up will see mao temperatures cooled down a couple of degrees in some spots. the wind gusts are expected in the '20s. take a look of the storm tracker for tomorrow morning. >> still angry over oakland in the north bay. you will see the fall but retreat to san francisco and the coastline for the later afternoon hours. and it temperatures around the bay
6:18 pm
area slightly cooler tomorrow. now we will specially noticed a slightly cooler conditions in the inland valleys. tomorrow in the low eighties for the most part, made 80's pleasanton, 85 their 81 on a creek and 82 in concord. a look at ras bayshores, '60s and '70s. also '60s and '70s for the peninsula. 65 san francisco 75 redwood city and low sixties for the coastline, we will see a drizzle through the morning and out through the north bay temperatures mainly in the '70s, the 82 expected in fairfield. and let your kron47 they're around the bay forecast. foggy and cool weather through the weekend, drizzle is close to the coastline is pulling her into monday as we headed to tuesday, expect a warm up. the fall will not be as dance or widespread. temperatures are warm throughout the bay area we will keep it on the below average side all the way
6:19 pm
through next week. stay with us, back after this. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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ñçç". sis, help me create my oasis. ok, romantic garden? oh, is there a castle nearby? no, but there's a charming farmhouse. right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. get your annual ikea catalog today.
6:22 pm
>> could this weekend to change of is in theaters and it is rated r. call >> good intentions have dangerous results here in the planet of the aids. he plays a scientist trying to find a cure for alzheimer's. >> is that a chimpanzee? >> he tells his new drug on a primate that takes on human like intelligence but
6:23 pm
has been no love for human authority. the rise of the planet of the apes is rated pg-13. for now showing, and kimberlee sakamoto with kron4 news.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> many viewers were discussing the news that the national unemployment rate had dropped, but not everyone thinks a little bit lower numbers are comforting. check out this, of the day can writes better news is not helping my mom. her.. >> would like to know what you think visit our facebook fan page. >> we will see warm-up into early next week i will have details coming up in just a little bit. the news at 6:30 p.m. is next.
6:27 pm
[ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital -- montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business.
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>> it was a another really wild day on wall street. the stocks opened higher because the jobs report was good. but the gains were erased in about a half hour. the dow was up 61 points, the nasdaq dropped 24. . >> in san francisco i spoke with financial experts that have been following the stock market all week. many said today was a wild ride in the stock market. while the price of some common households stocks like shares like procter and gamble have gone down experts say that the stocks in the technology sector have been able to hold their own while most stocks have gone down this week, experts also advise that smaller company stocks are a good bet to go with coming out of a recession. reporting in the financial district i and
6:30 pm
the coal with kron4 news. as >> here at the employment development department in sunnyvale, those that workers said it continued to see about 200 to 300 people every day. but more and more people are getting hired at least of the last several months. >> police arrested this man right here after they say he did a nine year-old boy in a crosswalk is san francisco hour thursday night. dan crew is a rest happened in hayward about one hour after the accident. car police have charged him and they say that other charges may happen as well. right now he is at the san francisco county jail. i'm teresa estacio with kron4 news. >> police are crediting
6:31 pm
witnesses with helping them to catch a hit-and-run driver suspect in san francisco i talked to one of the witnesses in this is what she had to say. >> there was a young boy lying on the ground i heard a crash and i saw a white issues the take off down mission street it seemed as though he was out of his mind. >> you will hear more about what she had to say in my 8:00 story. reporting in hayward i'm j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> here on the west side, they say that someone called 911 about 2:30 a.m. reporting that he just killed his girlfriend upon the police arrival the city found a woman dead of multiple stab wounds. >> this is the city's 29 homicide of the year to date. i'm rob fladeboe with kron4 news. >> here at oakland city
6:32 pm
hall, the mayor says he does not support any kind of juvenile curfew as a means to reduce violent crime in this city, the mayor may be opened looking at some kind of law ordering enforcement as a means of getting teenagers off the streets at certain hours. and currently does not have anything on the municipal books that addresses a a juvenile curfew. true >> in concord, neighbors are registered sex offender called webster were not surprised to hear that he wasn't charged with attempted kidnapping they say that he pulled over a woman that was pushing her two year-old in a stroller and he asked her if she needed a ride. the woman said that he tried to force her into his car. she fought him off and he drove away. the police arrested him thursday afternoon and he is being held at the napa county jail without bail. in >> here in alameda, the
6:33 pm
city council has approved a plan to tear down this old factory and replace it with 182 new residential units and a 2 a. park along the waterfront, neighbors are thrilled to say the factory became used for drug use, rodents, a criminal activity. there was concern that some would have trouble getting to the new part of the city and property owners say they're working on a plan to address the concerns. >> and tech news, the economy is in rough shape, let me tell you about some incredible tech bill's going on only this weekend to help you save money to. >> target is selling the iphone for black and white models for $150 that is $50 off the retail price. if you trade in your old iphone, you can get a new one for as little as $5 depending on what you turn into them. at&t is selling some popular blackberries and and droid smart phones for only 15. logged on to kron4
6:34 pm
about, and my tech page for details. >> our big weather story tonight is the fault. it is so dense, you can see all the drizzling rain drops on the camera lens. it will stick with us through the weekend. a week in forecast at a glance, the temperatures are cooling for the inland valleys back to the low 80s periodically for the bayshores. we will not see any bayshores as we head into sunday. a look at the fog tracker for tomorrow morning, throughout the bay area up in the north bay and the south bay it into the inland valleys and the delta. we will see cooler conditions toman morning hovering over oakland and hayward finally pushing back to san francisco and the coastline by 3:00 p.m.. '70s and '80s in the south bay '70s for the bayshores. 64 half moon bay, 80 at
6:35 pm
livermore. maybe 70 degree readings in the north bay, 82 concord, and 82 at fairfield. the to the kron47 they're around the bay forecast. cool and foggy weather but warm up a little as we head into tuesday. carbamide here stanley roberts and found some people behaving badly. there >> you may not know this, there is something that you can do on the freeway that could you a moving violation even though you are not driving. it happens every single day and it is a pet peeve of many officers that patrol the freeway are around the bay. so, if you get caught doing this there is a pretty good chance that you'll end up with a ticket, a pretty expensive one at that. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will show you what the violation is and why people keep they are doing the right thing. her in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> take a look at this, we
6:36 pm
have video of a bus under siege by government. this was shown in a philadelphia courtroom today part of evidence for a hearing, a man says this began when he was criticizing a woman for spanking perch out on the bus. he says the woman a phone call got off the bus and at the next top, two men were waiting with guns, they fired 13 shots, no one was hit six people had been charged in the incident inkling that mother. new video of the tornado and made that ripped through joplin missouri. this surveillance video that shows the destruction of the city's high school. you can see it at all sorts of angle. class is now will be held in a shopping mall when the school year begins on august 17th it will take a long time to repair the school. it killed 160 people and damaged thousands of businesses and homes. heavy rain in charlotte n.c. look what it is doing to the hotel stealing turn the
6:37 pm
light fixtures into waterfalls. rain caused the pipe to burst at embassy suites or so in the lobby and other places. the city had been under a flash flood watch for most of the day. to a neighborhood near downtown had to be evacuated. now this was the launch from cape canaveral scientists associated this saying that this will give them a never before seen look behind coopers clouds. it may even help them to learn more about the formation of the solar system will have to wait a long time for that information on jupiter. it is not expected to reach the planet until 2016. nasa is sending these three figurines her on the satellite images of galileo. the roman god jupiter and his wife.
6:38 pm
ñçç ".
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>> de --the front man
6:41 pm
for the band room five is suing. he said they could use one song in a particular game pieces the avatar that he creates can be used to seeing dozens of other songs by different musician and groups the company has not responded. called a party says that his phone was hacked by the british press. he is expecting to talk about this with the police he is not publicly said which newspaper he is accusing the senate and he suspects that his ex-wife's cellphone messages were hacked. he is calling this a horrendous violation of privacy. arnold schwarzenegger made a public appearance in los angeles today, a former governor was meeting with business meetings and honored for his work on political reform and improving the state's infrastructure. he has not been seen publicly like this much at all recently since his split with his wife maria. up next, gary is
6:42 pm
joined by his lovely wife and the two of them will talk about the kron4 mailbag and if you're e-mails and up and down on for tiger woods as his comeback continues. gary has highlights on all the sports up next.
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
>> help me go, tiger was on the 14th hole. tiger did not make the little putt, and there is the concentration questions right there. now 71 for tiger woods, he is tied for 36. phil nicholson has some colorful pants on. he rose in for eagle. he shot 73 today her home here
6:46 pm
is tiger woods again in 36. >> i come to these things to win. >> would it be so bad for you to back off of that? to set a lower gold to ease back into this after we have been through? >> snow. current >> why show up at a tournament if you do not want to win. there will be no reason to come. i am not these other guys. >> now we were talking of this last night. [laughter] >> think about you have just been out there sweating for for a half hours. carjacking thinks that he is not too nice. >> two days in a row is a little bit much as one day, give the guy a break. now the giants in a few minutes will host philadelphia
6:47 pm
again. they lost three in a row and seattle are they're getting taken apart now their crushing the to rum--2 run homer. right now and the seventh inning, the a's have not been good all season but particularly on the road, and we have gone down to maybe two highlights of the a's for sports cast, soon to be one. the raiders active in free agency. kevin citing today a four year $60 million contract he will be the new tight end coming over from the new york giants. remember that the raiders lost jack miller to seattle. he was an all-star tight end. this guy is not bad. how would now he played
6:48 pm
for science--mental and he played baseball and then the sweat atlanta is where he broke in as an atlanta falcon. he made the most colorful athletes. >> often times you are criticized by what people do not understand. so he did not understand me it is easy free to criticize me. but if you to the time to sit there and say you know what the guy did not drink, he did not smoke, he did not use profanity he did not treat anyone wrong, why was he considered the bad guy for his whole career because he stood up for what he believed and he told you what he was going to do and he went out and got it. >> he will give a good speech tomorrow, he has all the stories of how the purchase his mother a new
6:49 pm
house. and i remember the story he i would say you are quite a chauvinist. he said a showman, i am a brother that goes fishing on weekends. he and mc hammer were buddies for a while. i think then he had the best athlete rap song, it must be the money. remember that, it and see hammer made before him, it was pretty good. now we always have time for soccer. my producer loves his. a farewell game on hand for the new york cosmos. they once upon a time with a big deal in this country. manchester and the old new york cosmos have six to nothing they can thank the best producer and the market jason applebaum for caring for the apple fans. we are ready for your e-mails tonight and that means my wife is celebrating her 26th birthday today.
6:50 pm
>> hello everyone i see 26 but looks worse than it already is for me. >> it is not about you is about me to light. >> she is celebrating her birthday and a couple of e- mails coming up next.
6:51 pm
sis, help me create my oasis. ok, romantic garden? oh, is there a castle nearby? no, but there's a charming farmhouse. right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. get your annual ikea catalog today.
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6:53 pm
>> here we go. >> the first game they play at home, he will throw an incomplete pass and 65,000 people will boo him. i do not listen to the coaches because i believe they will try to get someone else, when you cannot, i believe in alex smith from the start. i think plain and simple, it is not like we had a chance to get paid
6:54 pm
manning or tom brady bill we want alex, if he is the best that you have, then you play it out. i think it will be a great story after six years of failing and he came through. but do not bet on it. >> i honestly do not think the giants are any good, last year they got lucky. >> they played 162 times, they loss last night in your ready to sink them? room for a minor thing is, they were winning. >> i always say why rock the boat? it but i still think a bit if you had to bet, they would be in the playoffs and to say that they are not any good, you consider there not any good offensive lead but they have those pictures that can play with anybody. >> the next one.
6:55 pm
>> i repeat this every time, the guy does something wrong, beat him up for a year, then relax a little bit i will say this for the 9 million to time, all the local guys would not be running highlights of the bridgestone classic if he was not playing. he makes the sport interesting. do you ever claim as an african-american tiger woods makes me proud for any reason? >> not particularly know, maybe when he was younger doing his thing but definitely not out. >> so you never heard anyone say, will tiger right on. >> absolutely when he was first coming up and he was new in doing his thing. >> i will tell you what i am always very proud of catherine being a white anchor. catherine, thanks for representing us. [laughter] >> steve your buddy is added again.
6:56 pm
>> i will not argue with this. i had a falling out with him about a year-and-a- half ago. , want what i said i cannot believe they did not know mcgwire was on steroids, but with all this city you hit someone in the head once and all this get even stuff, he is 66 years of age. he has lasted this long, a third winning is the manager of all time by just being a nice guy. mayor now he is looking over his shoulder, he is a good guide if you are an animal, you love him. but, and this stuff, the one thing that drives me nuts. he says he hit one of our guys, you go out and hit him. if you hit one of them it will not be funny. >> of here is another.
6:57 pm
>> and thank you. and on my birthday. >> ok will e-mail my wife makes time is see if you can get on. see you later. a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better.
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6:59 pm
it's a network of possibilities -- could kim kardashian's prenup demands get in the way of her wedding? and who gets the ring if she and kris split? i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> kim kardashian makes three times more than kris humphreys. >> last minute news on protecting kardashian cash. >> is kim lawyering up days before her "i do." >> plus -- >> he was like, okay, let's get marry. >> kim's first marriage. the secret she kept from her family. i wanted to kill her. >> "the bachelor's" vienna's nose job, the big reveal. >> yeah, baby. >> what really happened inside the o.r.? >> i would not get a nose job ever in my life. >> and lisa rinna's deflated

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